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  Home : Water Purifiers

There is only one thing that will quench your thirst while on any journey. Clean Water! We all, undoubtedly, have heard a great deal regarding the importance of water purification. Now, clean drinkable water can be portable, affordable, simple and fun.

Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets  
Katadyn Hiker Micro Water Filter  
Katadyn Hiker Pro Micro Water Filter  
Katadyn 6L Gravity Camp Micro filter  
Katadyn Vario Micro filters  
Katadyn Ceradyn Drip Filter  
Katadyn Expedition Water Filter  
Aqua Partner Purification Unit Ammo Case  
Aqua Partner Purification Unit Pelican Case  

Recently the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that 90% of the world's fresh water is contaminated. While Giardia is often considered the primary water safety concern, wilderness studies suggest that many back country illnesses are actually caused by bacteria or viruses. Don't let bad drinking water ruin your trip. Always use a drinking water system to protect your health.

A Level 1 purifier is your best protection. Unlike micro filters that only remove most microorganisms, microbiological purifiers eliminate all types of microorganisms from the water including: protozoa, bacteria and viruses.

Why boil or carry water? Pack a lightweight, fast and effective KatadynŽ Filter plus the new KatadynŽ Micropur Purification Tablets to make sure your water is safe.

What are the risks?
Most outdoor water sources contain microorganisms that can make you sick. Ingesting just one microorganism may cause illness. Wilderness medicine experts advise always treating water to protect against waterborne microorganisms.

Beware of these three types of microorganisms:
Viruses = .018 micron +
Most wilderness medicine professionals now recommend treating water for viruses as well as bacteria and protozoa. Viruses must be eliminated through a purification system or boiling because they are small enough to pass through a filter. Viruses are the least common microorganism in outdoor water, however they can also be quite dangerous. They are typically too small to be removed by a water micro filter. Ex: Hepatitis A, Polio, Nor walk Virus.
Bacteria = .2 microns +
Bacteria is becoming a significant threat in untreated water. Micro filters remove most bacteria, but smaller bacteria require a very small micron size micro filter or a purifier. Bacteria is common threat in untreated water. Most quality water micro filters remove bacteria from outdoor water. Ex: Cholera, Campylobacter, E coli and Salmonella.
Protozoa = 1 micron +
Protozoa are the most common microorganisms in untreated water. Their relatively large size makes them easy to filter, but their protective shell resists iodine and chlorine treatment. Protozoan cysts are present in most water sources. Their relatively large size makes them easy to filter but their protective shell resists iodine and chlorine treatment. Ex: Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

For reference, the width of a human hair is approximately 80-100 microns.

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